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Live Certified Training (Part 1)

Event info
Date: 2023-11-25
Time: 2:00 pm

We’ll be hosting a Live Certified Part 1 Training Course on Nov 25th in the afternoon (PT).  Join us if you’re needing to get one!


Name: Live Certified Part 1 Training
Code: LC-1/R
Valid For: Part 1 of Required Training and Semi-Annual Recertification for Existing Volunteers

MMO is happy to introduce a new role permission for our Discord here.Live Certified What is Live Certification?
This is simply a way for everyone (especially staff) to track who has gone through our basic requirements for quality standards with MMO Branded content certification. It comes with the cool new role icon you’ll get to show off to all 6 of your friends Going forward we’ll start requiring Live Certification to participate in live streams. For starters [On Air One] now requires Live Certification to speak/use it. On Air Two doesn’t at the moment. Once we’ve settled everyone in we’ll enable that. You can enter BOTH channels and listen though. A few of the privileges of Live Certification is that you can use voice activation rather than push to talk, you can use soundboards (within reason and where appropriate) to assist with content creation, you also can rest comfortably knowing that no one will be coming into your live stream/recording session and screaming profanity, banging their desk, moaning…etc

Why are we doing this?
We’re pushing a LOT of new content out now and we’re expecting to push even more soon. Very soon we’ll be putting out paid advertising and we’re also looking to get paid sponsorships. No brand will want to sponsor us if they listen to some of our content (and they will listen to our content) and decide we’re not appropriate for their advertising target demographic. [On Air One] and [On Air Two] These channels are -only- for people performing live streaming or recording. When you pop into one of the channels please keep quiet until you’re aware of what’s going on.

How Do I Get Live Certified?
To Get Live Certified you will need to take our training sessions. We set you up with the StreamLabs software (free) and show you how to use it all. We also, more importantly, walk you through the MMO Broadcasting standards we’re enforcing for quality and to make sure we don’t get ourselves kicked off Twitch/Youtube/Apple Podcasts…etc. If you’re not around for several weeks you may lose your Live Certification until you speak with us and we make sure you’re up to date on all of this.

What is Live Certified NOT?
Live Certification is NOT Staff. You don’t need to be a staff member to get Live Certified. In fact, most of our starting Live Certified members are NOT staff — they’re just people who we’re recognized as having trained and are ready to go to our broadcasting standards for MMO.